Our high-performance 3D simulation engine and open API also allow you to build your own simulation software.

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A proven engine for your simulation

As in any software development, creating a solution for designing and simulating production lines is no simple task. Creating a 3D engine, building the user interface, visualizing the component models and simulating the logic behind how components operate takes a lot of time – and money. Can you be sure that the investment going to be worth it?

Get a head start with our platform

As the video above shows, there is a shortcut to creating your own simulation software. The Visual Components’ software can be used as a platform, which you can freely customize in order to build a powerful simulation solution that fits your needs and your brand. In reality, it means that you can have your own simulation solution up and running surprisingly quickly while saving money.


We were able to develop our own robot simulation software fast and easily with the COM API of 3DSimulate.

Tobias Droste, Eisenmann

We have spent over 15 years developing a robust simulation engine that can easily handle even large-scale models with thousands of details. With the help of open API’s, the platform can be directly integrated to your own systems. It is also our firm belief, that simulating should not be as complex as it is made out to be. That’s why we’ve paid special attention to building an intuitive and responsive user interface that almost anyone can master quickly.


Our track record, your brand

With our track record as the pioneers of combining robotics and material flow simulation, you can rest assured that your simulation software will have the best possible foundation. Customizing that software allows you to reflect your unique brand in every aspect of the software.

The Visual Components’ platform can be customized to include all the features you require. Since we use a modular approach for customization, you can pick the modules you need from our toolkit and use our extensive range of tools to make the entire software your own.

Want to know more about using our software as platform? Check out the case studies of our platform customers KUKA and In-House Solutions.

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