Find the right solution for your visualization or simulation needs

Solutions for creating the factories of the future

There are four main applications for the Visual Components software: an engineering tool, a sales tool, a robot programming tool and a platform for building your own simulation solution.

Selling the factory of the future

Using Visual Components as a sales tool allows you to visualize and present your factory production line quickly. A library of ready-made components and a simple drag and drop user interface combine to the creation of stunning layouts for presentation purposes easy.

Engineering the factory of the future

The Visual Components software is a fully-fledged 3D simulation suite, which allows you to create detailed simulations of production lines including custom components. You can validate robot programs and PLC’s and analyze the functionality and output of the production with powerful statistical tools.

Robot programming for the factory of the future

Visual Components simulation software can be used for robot programming of industrial applications. The benefit of offline programming, in addition to the accuracy of the process, is that the robot is not stopped for programming purposes, but continues production while being programmed offline.

OEM Platform for the factory of the future

Our software can also be used as a platform for building your own simulation solution to sell and ship as part of your equipment or use as a customized sales tool. Thanks to the powerful simulation engine and open API’s, creating your branded simulation solution is cost-efficient and fast.