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Delfoi Case Study

Heikki Aalto, Vice President at Delfoi – a leading provider of simulation based software and services – discusses his experiences from working with Visual Components.

November 5, 2014

An open platform makes application development easier

The Delfoi-Visual Components collaboration started from Delfoi’s desire to bring welding simulation to the next level. “It seemed like Visual Components and we had the same goal,” says Heikki Aalto.

“We wanted to create products that would be superior to the applications available on the market. Visual Components was the expert on the platform side and they were able to give us the support we needed.”

The flexibility and openness of the Visual Components platform have been the key benefits for Delfoi during the collaboration.

“We are able to develop and brand the applications as our own,” says Heikki Aalto.

“They are very easy to use. Our customers do not need to be technical experts to get the most out of the programs. Also, the choice of the customers’ robot brand does not limit us, since the Visual Components solution is not dependent of any one brand.”

Robot programming 50% faster and software implementation in less than a week

One thing greatly appreciated by Delfoi is the increase in efficiency the Visual Components products provide.

“We have been able to create new functionalities which save a lot of time when implementing the software,” says Heikki Aalto.

“A lot of our processes, such as software configuration and set-up, are now automated. Depending on the application this has brought the implementation times down from the usual 10 to 20 days to an average of four days. That’s 4 times less time spent on implementation!”

The welding paths generated with the off-line programming tools in Visual Components work right away. Manual calibration is reduced to the minimum.

Heikki Aalto, Vice President, Delfoi

“Fast” is the word that comes up every time we talk to the Visual Components partners. This is also the case with Delfoi. According to Heikki Aalto, Delfoi has developed offline programming tools for fast program creation on top of the Visual Components platform.

“With previous software versions there was a lot of mouse clicking when creating and editing robot programs. Large point sets caused also the program to slow down significantly. Now the programming time is easily 50% faster than with previous versions and with large point sets well over 70% faster. And big robot programs with hundreds of tag points does not slow down the software at all.”

“For open and fairly simple structures like ship blocks or steel beams the programming can be automatized. We have delivered an automated off-line programming application to Lindab, Luxemburg. It takes only 60 seconds to create a complete welding program for a one-of-a kind beam structure!,” Heikki Aalto says.

More sales and happier customers

The Delfoi – Visual Components collaboration continues. “Our sales have really picked up since we got into using the Visual Components solutions. Our clients are really happy too. Sometimes they have a hard time believing the results we are able to generate. That obviously makes us glad!” Heikki Aalto says.

The ability to create easy-to-use, flexible solutions for their clients faster and for less money has made Visual Components a valuable partner for Delfoi.“The collaboration is built on a strong foundation, in my view. I see many great opportunities to come,” says Heikki Aalto.

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