About us

It is our core belief that 3D simulation is for everyone. That’s why we’ve built an easy-to-use, open software platform for designing the factories of the future.

Our mission is to help you build better factories

Seeing is believing. And there’s no stronger visual proof for how a factory or production line will look and behave than a fully functional 3D simulation.

No matter if you are machine builder, system integrator or a manufacturing company, with our software, you’ll find a fast and cost-efficient way of making your vision a reality.
The vision and inspiration for a new production line can come from anyone. That’s why our software doesn’t require technical expertise to use.

Our simulation suite contains a full set of solutions and products for the following business areas

  • SME digital factory
  • Sales and marketing
  • Robot & work cell simulation
  • Factory simulation
  • Controller validation
  • Application development

Vast simulation experience

Founded in 1999, by a Finnish-American team of simulation experts, we were one of the first to spot the opportunities of making 3D simulation mainstream with reusable simulation components. That’s why we started designing a flexible and open simulation platform to combine robotics and material flow.

The original founding members were all development team members of Deneb’s IGRIP, VNC and QUEST products as well as Deneb’s expert in OLP (Off-Line Programming). The current management team consists of members with a combined total of more than a 100 years of experience in 3D simulation under their belt.

Nobody does it alone

We maintain tight relationships with leading robotic manufacturers to gain in depth expertise into robotic simulation. Besides the headquarters in Finland, Visual Components has a subsidiary in Michigan to serve the North American market.
With the help of a growing reseller network we are serving diverse industrial markets and OEM partners in Europe, Australasia, Asia and North America. Find a partner or a reseller

The people at Visual Components are knowledgeable, open and progressive with their company plans.

Edward House, CEO, In-House Solutions