3DRealize R

Choose 3DRealize R when you want to craft 3D simulations and robot models.


What does it do?

Build a 3D simulation of your production line and get profound statistical insights about its operation.

Who is it for?

With its intuitive user interface 3DRealize R is suitable for sales staff with the need to model layouts with robots.
  • Icon-based sequence editor

  • Drag&Drop functionality

  • Ready-made components

Simulate your production line robots with 3DRealize R

3DRealize R builds on the features of 3DRealize adding the capability to create your own robot-based model. See your robot function as in real life and check features such as reachability and collision detection.

You no longer have to be tied to a single robotic manufacturer. A catalogue of more than 800 different robots means that you get to pick exactly the robots you like. And if there’s anything you’d like to change, 3DRealize R also allows you to teach robots to do exactly what they should.

The choice of the customers’ robot brand does not limit us, since the Visual Components solution is not dependent of any one brand.

Heikki Aalto, Vice President, Delfoi

Simple editing that allows you to easily fix any errors

Your simple 3D simulation not only looks good but is also extremely intelligent. You can spot signs of trouble in one glance and run collision detection tests.

Most of us like having options. With 3DRealize R, you can quickly make multiple options to present to your customer. And most importantly, you will be able to put everything together in just minutes.

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